Some christmas thoughts…

The Christmas season makes it more obvious than many other times of the year how people feel. Especially for people who struggle with life, for whatever reason, this time is often even harder to bear.

Therefore my thoughts are especially with all those people who feel even more lonely, rejected or defenceless, whose thoughts are darker than usual, full of fears and worries, who have to survive this time after a heavy loss, who hardly manage to keep their head above water, all those who have to fight especially hard to get through this time.

I try to be even more attentive than usual to the quiet nuances in conversations, try to see and understand how the people around me are doing and what they need. It is often enough to know that someone is there and thinking of them, someone who has open ears and arms for them in case of need.

If you are struggling a lot at the moment, try to get in touch with people near you or with the many offers of help (whether locally, online or by phone). You are worth it!

A merry christmas and lots of love to all of you. 🎄❤️