Gilberto – Suit or no Suit, 2018

While browsing through older images, I also came across the collaboration with Gilberto again in 2018. It was a great day in one of my favourite shooting locations. As Gilberto himself is creative in many fields, the ideas were bubbling and we tried many different concepts in different spaces. I had been carrying the idea with masks and a bandaged head around with me for a while then and really wanted to make it happen, so I was super happy that Gilberto was willing to bandage himself up for it.

This mix of concepts and improvisations was a big step for me in 2018 and also the beginning of many changes in terms of collaborating with other creative minds. Since then, I’ve been collaborating more and more with other people and I’ve also become braver about trying out different concepts. It has also become easier for me to give more space to spontaneous ideas, impulses and improvisations. I find it exciting to see where this path has led me in the last five years.