#nudityisnotpornography – Celine

Nudity is not pornography. What does this mean for me? What does being naked mean? For me this was negatively connotated for most of my life. Something to be ashamed of, at least as a human seen as female. As a child you were allowed to be naked, but then at some point you weren’t. At a certain age, there came a point where you were told to cover yourself. That female bodies represent something offensive in some way. In everyday life we are surrounded by permissive female bodies. Sex sells. That’s okay. But as soon as a woman decides to portray her given femininity through clothing or in an aesthetic way, it is met with resistance.

Female bodies can be sexualized by anyone, except by the woman herself. Sexualization consists already in the smallest part in the fact that female nipples are interpreted as something obscene, obscure. It is okay to represent breasts everywhere and at all times, but they should not be present in a natural way in everyday life, it is better to hide them. If you don’t do that, you will quickly be labeled "one of those".  Although "those" are women who are self-confident enough not to be influenced by the internalized shame. Who are aware of their femininity and are not afraid to show it to the outside world, while maintaining the claim not to be sexualized.

I no longer want to be ashamed of my body and everything it does in its femininity and how it looks.  My body is art, just like any other body in its mere existence. My body is not a sex symbol. My body is nothing to be judged for, no matter in what way I want to represent it. Nudity is not pornography.

In frame and words: @celinegrenouille