#nudityisnotpornography – Kim

"Hey Kim, does your boyfriend think it’s okay that you post half-naked pictures like that on Instagram?", " You know, your future employer shouldn’t see this..?.", "Do your parents know about this?". It is not uncommon for me to swipe through my instagram profile and ask myself again which of my pictures has become the talking point for strangers or semi-acquaintances. Sometimes I think about deleting one of the pictures and then decide against it, but a certain uneasiness always remains.

I wait for the day when the scales fall from my eyes and I finally realize why people have such a big problem with naked bodies. With bodies into which we are born. Bodies that belong to us before we can even speak to complain about them. Everyone believes he or she is allowed to tell me without asking how my body deserves to be rated. The less clothes cover the skin, the stronger the opinion. I have never asked anybody for an expertise, but I get it anyway. People agree: what they can see can be evaluated and what is naked can be sexualized. My naked body becomes a common good that is allowed to be possessed by everyone.

What is the right answer to messages like "Wow, you are so hot. I would like to f**k you" or "Hello, I find you really sexy. May I get to know you?"? Most of the time these messages come when I have posted one of the pictures with a naked shoulder. My picture turns into a porno while I’m drinking coffee or eating cake in front of my cell phone. That sucks. Sure, I could just as well stop posting pictures with naked breasts or even stop posing as a model. But if I have to do that in order to live my life in peace, where is this freedom that everyone is talking about? Apparently my body has no freedom. Apparently my naked body is sex. And that without being asked. Honestly: It’s enough!

In frame and words: @koolkid.kim