Support page on Ko-fi

After much deliberation, I have decided to use Ko-Fi and launch my support page there. It is meant to be a way for interested people to "buy me a coffee" and thus help me to create my art. Of course, I could have built a page on Patreon or Onlyfans according to the ubiquitous trend, but I find it much more personal, charming and also fitting for me on Ko-Fi. I don’t see my art behind a paywall and I certainly don’t want to create pay content just for that purpose. I don’t want memberships and high-priced tiers, combined with the pressure to upload regularly to keep subscribers happy. So if you expect your monthly dose of "hot content" you will likely be disappointed.

I will simply continue to photograph what I feel like and post most of the selected images here on my website or offer them as prints. If you like what i am creating, feel free to buy me a coffee or two. Of course, I would like to show my gratitude, no matter if it is a single or multiple donation. My first idea is to give supporters "just more" of my art, like additional pictures that didn’t make it into the final selection for my website and some extra "behind the scene" snapshots. If this works i will think about more benefits like fine art prints.