Sonja – Water and Violin, 2015

Another blast from the past. In my first two years of collaborations i mostly worked with people i know, friends and family. I was so shy and was afraid of asking people i don’t know. But it was such a wonderful time. I tried many different approaches and ideas. Sonja and I have known each other since our early youth. I knew that she liked to play the violin and so we tried to incorporate this idea into our first collab. We also created another series, you can find it here. It was also my first water shooting so i had no experience and for Sonja it was the first shooting at all. The planning phase was also a great experience. We quickly had some ideas in mind like wearing a dress that floats nicely under water.

Sonja wanted to sew the dress herself, so she bought different fabrics and we tested them in the bathtub to find the best fabric for the job. We also improvised a lot during the shoot, especially in the pictures where she appears to be floating motionless in the water. Some pictures needed several attempts, as well as Sonja’s good body awareness and a few improvised "hacks", e.g. empty plastic bottles for buoyancy. It was a great experience overall, we had a lot of fun and somehow I have the feeling that you can already see some stylistic elements in many of the pictures from the first series that can still be found in many of my pictures today.