Where it all started

Most recently, I answered questions for a upcoming interview in Eye Photo Magazine. For these questions I had to dig deep into my memories and think about my approaches to photography. Since I often work very intuitively and emotionally, it was not always easy to find the right words to describe my working methods. It was definitely interesting to return to the somewhat starting point and to see what has happened since then.

Although I have had a camera since my early youth and have always loved to photograph, I have only been consciously using photography in the last years to work creatively and tell stories. Before that, I mainly captured travels and family moments.

This new development was triggered above all by a workshop in 2013, where a practical task consisted of roaming through the close surroundings and looking for themes. By chance I discovered a partially dilapidated and closed car park. There I was, armed with a rather basic Lumix TZ5 compact camera and without much experience of what I wanted to photograph. But I was thrilled by the numerous and sometimes inconspicuous possibilities that presented themselves to me photographically. So I just started.

My passions for melancholy, decay, the traces of time and also for playing with light were certainly awakened here in retrospect. Originally I showed the pictures in color, but due to my later preference for black and white, I converted them to black and white. It’s exciting to see how many stylistic elements that I see in my photographs today could already be seen to some extent back then.

Note: This is a repost of a text i shared in 2018 on Instagram. I think my new blog is a much better place to store my thoughts and stories that I have written down over the last few years.